Me — my mind has lots of thoughts (daydreams and other places found), and a frightfully excellent long-term memory (verbatim!), though I can never find my keys… while beginning working on a book I put down for too long (which remains difficult for me right now), these other thoughts… I think, keep me writing so I won’t stop (again). My first time “using” a computer to “create.”

REALLY IMPORTANT NOTE: I apologize to anyone that subscribes/(ed) and what I think may be happening is, in fact, so; I edit my posts quite often and really never intended a lot of traffic. I’ve noticed emails to me, alerting of subscriptions (and thank you), but I am unsure how that part works… So, IF you get an email every time I edit a piece, which, again — I am unsure if that is how this thing works or not, it is probably quite annoying and I am sorry; and please, don’t feel any reason to stay “subscribed.” I understand.

thank you…

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