Heartbreak Beat

meetings – coinciding with a Corn Festival in Urbana – pretty town; like most mid-West towns – beautiful and better than the big cities. As was told, in America today – where all the “cool kids” are moving to. True – everywhere from the Dakotas/Nebraska/Montana, to the Upper/Middle mid-West, to the south and SouthEast – everyone is in a small town anymore. Me too. No attitude/no coastal crazies. More fun. Though, miss the beach – have lakes and rivers and beavers and deer and squirrels and I think possum are adorable – though they stink – and Cedars and hills and acreage – good for two dogs. “no sweetheart, that’s a raccoon – you don’t want to tangle with that one.” But, the raccoon seems to like hanging out with my dogs – and they don’t bother him. Previous, when attending school, lived in Santa Cruz Mountains – have watched a raccoon take on very large dogs and win; but also – watched neighbors walking [theirs] on leashes. Guess, like people, some are lovers, some are fighters. Hope the one hanging out on my property is a lover. My little girl is more boisterous, Border Collie mixed with something; my boy is Chow/Border Collie. As smart/fast as a BC, but the dignity of a Chow – from a distance he looks like a black wolf… he’s the hunter. No barking, no nothing, just stalk/take down 3 seconds it’s over. Glad he respects the raccoon. Hope Claire picks up his sense.

Concert – and free, too: The Psych Furs and The Church. My son wanted to go up stage-front; went with him. You don’t drink water much, you don’t move – except to be knocked into; though the guy next to me kept leaving to get beers – and got back in – nice man – I think a truck driver; as the Furs got on stage fights were starting. Looked back – it was packed in.

back home have started taking tap dance classes. all the other students are about 12 years old. I can be a 12 year-old too. Though was told by instructor, I’m disruptive. Not for normal reasons, but instead I am way better without shoes when dancing. Not perfect practice when tap is the goal. But she’s kind; seems to understand that the shoes hinder me from the movement (while learning) – so I am allowed to not wear them during classes. Starting to practice with them at home – like when doing dishes; stationary I can now do in shoes what is easy across the floor without.

Anyway… back to concert: The Church – every song from start: Reptile, to their end: Miami – I could have tapped to each and was (in my head – because you couldn’t move up front); they played with elegance and light in every note – as usual. Wish they were from The States, could see them more often. And a light show that was blinding (sunglasses, please – I like to see things, and they darken up this room). Then, The Furs – keep the sunglasses on (their Rx) cuz it’s just too cool. All the way through, the band took you forward to a time before where the crowd floated on light and it’s playing out on my street.

(tap dance to The Psychedelic Furs too? Absolutely, finding tap to be floatier (a word?) than ballet or modern – did so last night – no shoes.)


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