Sitting Sundays with the girls were lost in boys
they thought the Nightbreak would come for them with joy.
I sipped on snakebites as the sushi slowly warmed
any temptation lost, in darkness saw its early form.
How many bracelets? Do you think she takes them off?
It’s such a bother, but maybe, maybe not.
Take off your glasses — well, you do look kinda cool.
I like to see things and they darken up this room.
You mean these people? They are dark enough tonight.
I like to see you… and his kiss went down my spine.

We walked out further though we couldn’t speak because
the golden purple played soft among the stars above.
Go on, try it – still, the salad tasted best.
It’s always different when the sun takes out the west
within that nightfall when the thoughts of blues come true
and coral sparkles left without light fade away from view.
It’s not in time, it’s only [thoughts] that make it ever so
for weathered dreams of a place you knew you used to know
when knights came forward honor held upon their crest
within that moment, the future never came to rest
among the ashes in a past that would not show
a fortune told once of a moon’s shimmer in its palest glow:

That night will come next only when there is a song
sung by a stranger whose words will stay until the dawn
and when you’ve woken and the sun comes back around to rise
that’s when it finally changes and day’s light will fill your eyes.
I told her thank you I had not heard this before
it explains these things now. (I still hope to understand much more.)
She smiled at me and her eyes were lit with fire
there are seven wonders for your life dear and they’re only of desire.
Well. If I get there I promise to remember all of what you’ve said
you’ve told a future that will never leave my head.

Tonight I see you and I wonder what goes on
inside a moment where her words come back to haunt
in sounds of seven and the future – they always stay so near:
If it’s a curse… No! Maybe, magic will appear…

Go on, try it… I hear once more as I’m asleep
(…when I awake, I pray this dream I get to keep):

You kiss me gently and your voice goes to my groin
and you go slowly and you make my body moan
and you don’t stop and you take everything from me
and it is morning… and you just spent my fantasy.

(©September 15, 2010 by KPW
and 1988) – All Rights Reserved

(next book – one to include; almost finished with current – next one is all pretty.)


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