old movies

Arizona. Jean Arthur (beautiful), William Holden (devastatingly handsome), Warren William (debonair).

Made me wonder: so if you put society in a room nowadays and had them watch this movie, would the audience wrongly walk away believing Arthur/Holden were the evil characters and William’s character/cohorts were the good guys?

Don’t think so.

So, then, why has everyone removed themselves from reality?

The Replacements. Gene Hackman (too cool), Keanu Reeves (him, too).

Gotta Have Heart.

So, then, everyone walks away heroes together – they’ve already survived. Do it again.

Favorite sports movie – perfect soundtrack in background.

Divorce American Style. Dick Van Dyke (first crush, I think; most important character within Mary Poppins), Debbie Reynolds (…as a button, for the time – strongest female character ever portrayed – subtle).

Original thought is always brilliant.

Then, somebody gets their nose(s) (collectively) bent, and abuses art (singularly) to produce change.

Original thought stays.

Tom Horn. Steve McQueen (best actor, ever).

So subtle, [He] could move a finger and everyone else became background. I looked it up: they only rate this movie with two stars?! Who rates these movies?

So was the initial plan: A new contraption allowing others to reinvent a reaction by proxy shipped in for the event. Everyone watched.

Historical figure and another, a friend, who after wrote a note so history wouldn’t erase a man.


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