Food 6

Purism… stay yourself and find what is delightful in others’ differences.

food fights? bread breaks in too fast coming frames moods? that’s it. no – mood enhanced breaks from foods lead to less peas thrown from a spoon able to reach a corner of where we were all sitting in a dimly lit room finding the trouble while Kevin and Anthony flung heaps of spumoni covered by acrimony to fall on Percy’s two knees while the noon goons went off telling everyone to “STOP!”…but they never said, “please.” as another heaped over and soon the whole mess was tossed – and when it hit inside-out from a cheerleading squad squarely in end wore much more except the stuff now stuck on thinning yellow walls the rest splat on the floor while he slipped opening the door.

I sat there and watched, amazed to see everyone not knowing how they became covered in red ivy leaves while ignoring this truth. too hard to feed thoughts when fighting for one purpose became the only thing left taught in our schools.

back to before we’d been told off. necessity in pattern all as incidental is the only way to win – when we danced with each other and were happy for differences all of us laughing together we could still see and while dancing be friends.


(and I believe this is the absolute best video ever made in the history of music videos — Falco did it correctly; I wish the rest of the world had been listening; cuz they’re all pretty nasty or self-righteous or just out-and-out boring anymore. his other videos/music – brilliant – he was so far ahead of his time, it’s like listening to and watching a Michel Tournier short story (that ends happy) every time he opens his mouth. Truly, one of the best artists of all times.)


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