way too easy

going through the cc statements (just this month!), found eight separate discrepancy/fraudulent charges. two, back to back from one retailer had bought something at (once that day) – have two further charges that same date from the retailer… four others from one “trip discount” vendor – have those receipts/over-charges documented… and one further: don’t know what that one is, but positive have never been there. Combined: over $1500 in illegal charges… and I’m just one consumer/one month!

One effective way in stopping this is for all companies to require an actual signature on every single transaction – historically, we have the proof: before when this was the necessary procedure for a credit transaction, there was minimal fraud compared to this modern, more efficient system(?). I mean how hard is it to sign a sales receipt? It would stop a lot of fraud… stop a lot of unnecessary costs… stop way too much time spent on headaches!!!

and those stupid little pad machines to “capture” a signature(?) the same ones delivery services started using (first) don’t count!!!… they are useless; etch-a-sketch is not a secure medium.

so, [I’ve] made a decision: if using a cc to make a purchase, and the retailer says, “no, we don’t require a signature…” well, don’t you need to see my identification, at least?” “no.” then, right then and there, I’m going to say, thanks but no thanks; I don’t need to buy this from you until you re-introduce the practice of requiring a signature. Except for at self-pump payments for gasoline, this will work. Damn-it, I’m going to need to walk in to stations now! I’ll get used to it (again).

Of course, some will become angry for the “back-outs,” but if intention is for the good/not hostile, a little frustration in the right direction would do us all good: only being done to save monies for everyone and so much future grief to all. and then, there is time… there is no saving in that arena either. every time it happens, the procedure to follow:

one now needs to call banks and other institutions and get them to reverse charges – they then need to send documents and [I] have to sign/attest to each fraudulent purchase anyway; then if there is any form of denial on the others’ part, even more time, etc. even with just “one” fraudulent purchase, that purchase would cost at least an extra $50 in admin costs, and then the time… for one maybe total two hours; instead of the ten seconds more to gain a signature for the purchase at onset. Doesn’t make sense – would have been easier/saved time just to sign to begin with; besides – crooks look for these easies and make good use out of them. Too many reported – do your own cc companies start acting like you are at fault?

are our financial institutions that stupid or just lazy or is this not becoming such a big bother that maybe it’s time to cry, “uncle.” …bought into the idea, tried it, didn’t work, let’s revert to…

who’s gonna pay? … especially when, currently, the biz’s themselves have to pay for their accountings and the banks too – well maybe, neither do – I mean, they are required by Federal laws to have fraud insurance – they all must… and when those insured companies (publicly traded corps and legally responsible to their shareholders, not consumers) raise bond prices… it’s just become such a big mess with the thefts of billions each year due to computerized this/that. I would think it wise everyone starts practicing a little more prudence/control over financial exchanges. otherwise, one day it will become such a costly dilemma, there will no longer be any recourse available to consumers when it happens. I mean, financial institutions are bigger than individuals, and once they find they are cutting into major shareholders’ profits cuz of fraud, it is going to fall on the individual(s) to pay the fees caused by their system’s failures that allow us individuals to be robbed so easily. that’s how the past has always played out, at least. every single time! what reason is there to think differently?

I think we’re currently testing another of the future’s failures; i.e. – three axioms – existence, consciousness, and identity make up reality… in this case, first will go identity, then consciousness, then existence.


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