water driving east

Wednesday’s storms. totally crazy, illogical except for

the chemtrails became more visible inland of Paseo Robles, an assortment of patterns of thin lines woven through blue skies; just a few – approaching Bakersfield, passing Merle Haggard Drive, there were only chemtrails (CTs) so thick and so many they’d become a wall of really odd-shaped clouds(?) but mostly light in color; and there too was only thick heavy smog – the mountains? five miles away – couldn’t see them; started realizing… not one natural cloud was even visible until within the Tehachapi Canyon, the sky became more natural again… a few CTs through the Mojave, into Needles it appeared they had been spraying the area quite a lot earlier in the day. Night’s supposed to be dark there. a desert sky was filled with sparkling clear skies and blazing stars – none were visible – CT haze made the night air smell like a tire factory. Nightly news in hotel room: everyone’s searching for rain. lots of theories/fears (quick note on that below); drought. military planes are crisscrossing many parts of our country’s skies continually without stop, throughout the southwest in specific patterns instructed by our weather agencies… to combine with/before natural clouds (not rain clouds) are scheduled to form – to make non-rain clouds into rainy ones(?). passing areas where CTs are all you see; no birds hardly, nothing. Sad. So up in the desert morning – driving into Arizona early —— all the way through (even Flagstaff), to the NM border – picking up even heavier, CT’s were my now studied observations as they filled the skies – while driving under the heavy areas, roll the windows up – that stuff falls down onto us, right? odd-looking, kinda sci-fi clouds you never learned of in grammar school. I am thinking they’re re-writing atmospheric science texts to include these man-made helpers as natural formations…

you also notice through the southern states (CA, AZ, NV NM) that there is absolutely no water in any of the washes, the rivers, the creeks, the reservoirs – nothing. But they have vineyards and agricultural fields full of un-natural crops for that/those climates. Thinking… they have to be GMO plants to survive; ewe! poor plants, poor people. Sidenote: the smog alone of CA Produce areas previously considered the best; i.e. – The Imperial Valley, is enough to get cancer just thinking about consuming the produce grown there anymore.

Back to fake clouds via chemtrails – so by the time you are on the eastern terrain of NM, you begin to notice these grotesque cloud formations gather – the mixture of the weather patterns from the north, combining with the chemicals of the CT formations, are like big scary monster hairy things hanging over you – and the sun (setting) has turned brown – not it’s usual brilliant coral and purple. So now, it’s later in the eve, and you’ve just passed the TX border (going to make it to Amarillo) and from your left – you start to see huge black walls of chemicals racing towards you with heat lightening explosions inside the clouds… the clouds a little further from are coming into these CT walls all light grey and fluffy, turning into something I’ve never seen – they hit the black walls and with the wind – like bricks three miles wide, huge black walls are beginning to circle as they stretch/grow. Then! those black walls start racing at you at 60-70 miles an hour… you keep checking to see if cars from the other direction continue their travels… if not, spin your car in the opposite direction and drive as fast as you can away from them. But – you make it past the storm, pedal to the metal – racing along side it – going over 100 miles an hour to get ahead… only for about five minutes are you directly under the mess – please… but you make it.

Started thinking… stupid thought, but as I’d been really watching these clouds for the last two days, their progression with real weather fronts did produce little sprinkles here and there, but not much – BUT WHEN COMBINED with huge fronts as everything travels inland further to the Midwest; i.e .Colorado, Kansas, now all the way to southeast, the vector stresses of the energy being produced by these masses colliding into an even larger front is like wartime explosions and then they form even bigger and the winds get stronger… natures clouds with Canadian winds guiding them on their paths slamming into walls of blackened (by now) chemicals, the stage becomes frightening – you can watch tornadoes forming in groups and breaking into varying directions – like ancient warriors descending from the skies. Then you start to remember all of the massive tornadoes of recent years… so you check in to your hotel for the evening and go onto the internet… crazy thought: the chemtrails are causing the tornadoes? BingGoogle! Tons of info/blogs/cloud formation pics – people are noticing and getting concerned. Ha! patterns and logic.

note: if you look back at the rain tables for the west – go back fifty years… go back 100 years: same cycles; pretty much the same average rains each year per region with certain years getting less; there has always been periodical droughts in the west!!! We lived through them cuz the populations/(governments didn’t allow over-development) – say, in 1972 the total populations of Arizona, Nevada, and New Mexico combined were then what is now the population of Albuquerque. The “Bay Area” was one-20th the population, we know what LA has become; Sacramento and surroundings has turned into LA. I think if you took out Novato, Marin County hasn’t grown, neither has Carmel, Monterey, and a few other coastal towns – but even the Napa Valley has become an expressway lined with tract-homes – we had relatives that owned Lake Geyeserville as their private home – they had a small row of guest cottages and a main house… we’d stay for weeks at the lake on vacas… vineyards with little dirt roads; my dad traded bikes for cases of wine with Mondavi for his children to ride through their own vineyards… Petaluma was chicken capital of the world! It was fun; now it’s a casino. think it is selfish of western states to [have] overpopulated their communities to the point where previously were small farming communities with towns of 200 to 1000 are now out of control suburbs, and previously charming cities like Albuquerque are now like LA. Nevada? Reno Carson City and Vegas – that was it, with other small towns dotting the countryside. my point: if you look at the water tables – they haven’t changed, it’s the number of people and industries causing havoc; and for that now we get chemtrails that are causing increased tornadoes further in; some [tornadoes] are starting on the coast now too – never before. (note: the correlation btwn the onset of chemtrails and increased tornadoes is almost exact in timing.) Hell with global warming. overpopulation of terrains that are obvious not to be suburbs and big cities in areas with limited rain fall and the new science trying to make up for overpopulation with chemical water falling from the skies is what’s screwing up the weather.
and can you imagine the “symptoms” being realized ten years from now of our children and older people who have this stuff falling on them, in their water, etc. every day?

Sounds crazy? It was just my hunch as I drove the deserts this time through… looked on the internet… I’m correct: scientist are starting to grumble. Weather reporters are ignoring/reporting as normal. Who do you believe? I’m not such a science retard after all.


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