okay… Valentino was kissing me last night (wasn’t in Juarez either). go back to sleep young lady – that dream was categorically considered “too much fun.” But – the stage is set!

not really, not yet – [but] it’s being built and the green room; have decided it will be red with an orange flowering plant (just one) with ample beautiful green leaves and it will be in a very plain terra-cotta pot, golden toast organic carpeting, and crimson something; not sure what yet, but something will be crimson – pretty soon. lighting? had the expert out the other day – found an expert! so simple when someone listens to you, not themselves – I guess that’s what makes them an expert. thank you. (this was pre-written on Sunday)


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currently compiling thoughts/writings -- notebooks full, pulled apart and put back together and then something new, and here it all comes. two books being finished in the interim. Sometimes really frustrating. I remain with little interest in attempting to learn the "how to" parts of blogging because I'm technically inept, so multiple limitations are always present; just try not to think about... but other creations coming soon -- I think I am able to scan/pdf; what I am currently working on (paintings and photos and painted photos) once finished; or get someone else to do it for me.
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