The arrangements prior to Jesus’ arrival:

All of these named gods and demigods with their attendants/courtesans taking places in a hierarchy that they arranged themselves to allow [them] controls other than the guardians they were intended for our world – and also entry and sometimes abandonment into below, for which (originally) was only intended to aid [Mother] earth to nurture hand in hand with all of the other elements above for the continuity of earth: its seas and its mountains and fire and ice and wind and rain from skies beautifully lit by the stars and a shimmering moon when it became night and then lit by a brilliant golden, warm sun when it was day; and also too its solitudes and behaviors and gardens and harvests and droughts and diseases… (etc.). and again into the skies if one would look up, a vastness so amazing, one would never be able to run out of thoughts – in wonder and awe and in hope for everything else under this same big sky… and through a kingdom filled with plants and animals, including man, there became a natural harmonized energy so perfect, the world and the heavens above combined into a symphony of this perfect energy to create the most beautiful sound/song one could imagine. Unfortunately, in time: (these other controllers) brought to earth laws never intended, allowing to label kings and heroes and shrines and churches and coliseums and priests and priestesses and [that] cast of thousands… all who took control (and fought against each other and intermingled their alliances and made deals with each other and then turned and made deals against each other, all to keep what little control they had over others stat… and slept with beasts and drones and heroes, and, as themselves, there was no real reason for any of this and because of, even though historically real, [each] became only myths because of their own selfishness to control others …) and of course – then came, in turn: each other – who became the controller of the other?: sisters and brothers and mothers, and sons and lovers (a great book, too!) and they killed and gave births and killed again – their own flesh and blood even; for every time, in reasons only as attempt(s) to keep their own halcyons of privilege and liberties alive, things became just a big mess – then [they] spat wretchedly back at each others’ sometimes beautiful and sometimes cruel and cunning incidents [into] further myths: stories were changed to reflect their own favor and then ordered to be told by those afraid to disobey… to the rest who were afraid not to listen, and this became their realities – only words of deception. and, sadly, because of: all reality became only to take and/or keep control without regard to consequences – with very little, if any, based on truth any longer, consequences became quite frightening to face and spurred further lies/myths to cover the mistakes — ; oh and prophets (God, please! I don’t want to be a prophet, some of them whispered, but that was their fate – so they were… and they became the 5th sex).

…and then the Heavens understood man would do well with further [proof]: so was sent God’s Son back to earth once again… with glowing light and serene peace… as witnessed, [now] this miracle could never be disputed (except by those – sadly – with darkened hearts and the audacity to believe they were more powerful here than what would become their futures). but, forever those who chose to believe in truth and light as historically witnessed when Jesus returned for us: love truly is eternal and there is no fear… Jesus, the Son of God, could never be taken from man – and all of those who choose to love Jesus for what he gave the world during this darkest times of our history (as chronicled in the OT)… and if believed in and carried forward into the future for as long as time will always exists: this beautiful truth Jesus so unselfishly provided for us willingly and only to save mankind from the corruptions that had taken hold to destroy paradise for [their own] greed, then those who followed God’s Son were to also know eternity and forever light would be theirs.

Happy Easter – take your shoes off… go find a peaceful place without concrete or electronics and all that other stuff: you can still hear it (natural energy) if you listen/feel really close. it’s pretty.

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