keep the beat (more chalkboard)

when you have one more chapter to complete for a (really) long poem to be finished prior to publishing…

I pick out music (hopefully) to take my mind into that “beat.” I like the good old-fashioned kind when there is rhythm to the read… I believe it allows the mind to float into the meaning(s) more; i.e. – become part of. I know – most people don’t agree with that; and I also read beautiful poetry/poets who care not to rhyme and don’t keep each line tucked into the same number of syllables – but for me, like dancing – I lose myself in the flow of the rhythm.

with only that last chapter to Jack to go… as I was writing the bulk of it (along with some other stories in poetry) I became so involved in the writing, I seriously couldn’t speak to anyone nor even write a grocery list without rhyming my thoughts/words… then I stepped away when I was told I had to re-write An Average Man Sleeps; so I left Jack almost done to do the second draft of AAMS (now told, that one needs to become a dark comedy: a third time re-writing; it’s making me stronger at least – but now a cruel comedy? I’m going to turn into a snotty little smart-mouth if the same happens when I start that re-write – you get involved and patterns become…; anyway, naively believing I could pick up where I left off with Jack and finish it off quickly up the road was soon realized: Not so easy (for me).

Jack will be a 300 plus page poem as a story with twists and turns and beauty and love and vile and triumph when complete …pretty good one I hope. I think it is. I do love the story; and I want the ending to be better than the beginning… the one person right now who I need to agree with me? He does! Thank you sir, thank you for the help/pushing me.

so – since I’m stuck – I’ve been reading and re-reading the first twenty-seven chapters (eventually to be reformatted down to 21 chapters; aka – twenty-one) to various music to find those songs whose rhythms flow along with my already written part… and then re-read again to more music: Found about six or seven cds that seem to be working! Dire Straits’ Making Movies, Bryan Ferry’s Bette Noire, both Falco’s Weiner Blut and Emotional (who rapped before the rest of you?), Bondy’s Believers, Isidore’s Life Somewhere Else and Al Stewart’s Year of The Cat.

Here I go back into rhyming my grocery lists again…


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