the Emperor’s Buoying is bravoed across Broadway at its opening show and in echoes backstage remain all of those sounds spiraling out of control taken apart by a serpent’s wrapped tale of crimson red scales coiling around in the pit of an orchestral maneuver reminds not to dive through those lullaby tides was an oboe so slow as it cried out to the theater’s crowd: London’s bridges have fallen down, round and round inside this town, London’s gone and the king ‘s crown can’t be found my fair ladies – his derelict’s been lost at the bottom of the sea if a new cast isn’t found above the stage left in production when the director calls out “action,” and though lighting failed miserably behind each and every scene, the grip hangs on still too tight passing each mighty heave as the curtain now falls – grip right taking back from the night as never before staged they all continue on playing out loud to a very packed house *even in the dark the actors still got it right* (later, read the review – the show will go on!)… Act III will be short on time as the main character dies in a prostitute’s soft bed (crumbs of biscuits and a half-eaten tin of mustard-soaked fish were found close to his porcupine head), his last bite had been taken long before the climax gave in , Act IV sails were raised once again, “we’re coming about” heading back into the wind, Act V closes down for the night as the sun sets – fade back (again and again): east to west in ovation comes applause as the cast takes their bows. the end.

@02/02/2014 by KPW


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currently compiling thoughts/writings -- notebooks full, pulled apart and put back together and then something new, and here it all comes. two books being finished in the interim. Sometimes really frustrating. I remain with little interest in attempting to learn the "how to" parts of blogging because I'm technically inept, so multiple limitations are always present; just try not to think about... but other creations coming soon -- I think I am able to scan/pdf; what I am currently working on (paintings and photos and painted photos) once finished; or get someone else to do it for me.
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