everbody was talking religion… hmm.

in songs carried by dust of a wind lost in some other time that night came to him again with rise from each corner of this once innocent man he fell back into an ocean of aquamarine where gulls filled his soul [and] silently he watched as they, the only ones to ever really know, carried a part of his weight back onto shore – it was then when he wondered (as) each time passed through the days he’d ignored why it seemed tides always took longer than forever until they happened again and why was he sent from where his father began? dear sky up above, will the moon and the stars follow where I am to next be once too helpless to breathe on this land or will these waves remove every particle of sand imprinted with me while (also) a crustacean crosses in diagonal speed erasing all memories of any seasonal belief year upon year before came the momment’s call of each annual spring? – now, I understand. do you hear me?

(then) surrounded by eels as he drifted through cardiac stings and clay colored barnacles sucking the blood from his fat swollen feet, dreams of lilacs and red roses and a young man diving for pearls and there was a girl in a plain dress who lived down the street and she would always beat him whenever climbing tall trees, and a thousand more memories flashed for him in one moment’s peace – no! (he finally screamed, lucky for him) do not take me from here as a man without saving my dreams; as in the midst of so many reasonable ways I am only what was never more than expected of me – an average man asleep.

and then he woke up (and lived happily ever after). nice ending.

@02/01/2014 by KPW


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