and then came (4)

the presentation: !!!!!

I remember… had to; but then would ask questions that apparently were disturbing (when I was a buyer) way back when; not really that long ago, but seems so:

it’s a valid question, isn’t it?
well, yeahbut…
but, what?
I mean, nothing except, doesn’t it sound good?
yeah, but there’s the other side: the what if...
well, I can’t tell you that.
you can’t?
why not, I mean if you don’t know the answer that’s okay, I understand; just go ask one of your bosses or engineers or someone who does know…. I mean, you can get me the answer in a few days, can’t you?
well, uh, no, I can’t actually.
why not?
because, I’m not allowed to answer that question.
what do you mean, you’re not allowed?
I mean, I’d get fired if I told you.
what… well, that means the question I just asked you is a valid one, right?
not really, I mean what does it matter?
It matters a lot! there is a concern here, I need to know the cons as well as the pros you just presented to me; otherwise, when things don’t go well, then I’m responsible.
Not really, I mean, look, we sell to a lot more important companies than this one, they accept our products without all the questions, so yeah, sometimes things happen, that’s inevitable, right?
I’m not talking about failure, I’m talking about ignorance, I mean if I know there might be a problem and I don’t have the answers ahead of time to correct it as quick as possible if something does go wrong, then I am the responsible party who should have known, right; otherwise, the whole process is a lie?
hey, look, it’s industry standard, I mean, why you making such a big deal?
forget it, I’ll call you, thanks; bye.
hey, look, I got tickets to XXXX concert, want to go, I’ll throw in a swank dinner!
no thanks. (NEXT!) **

Anyway, I found as a buyer that half the stuff out there is just crap and fancy marketing and empty promises and just a big headache if you didn’t do all of the work up front to make sure everything was valid; so I spent tons of time interviewing potential vendors and pouring through studies and texts about all this stuff I’d never even heard of before… so I’d know crap when I heard it.

In the end: the vendors that were up front with me (though didn’t offer me trips and minks) and you name it, I was offered it by the others – there used to be a code of ethics that said you would not/could not accept anything of value, even a lunch over XXX$ from anyone you were doing biz with – I’m not sure that’s so anymore? doesn’t seem like it… same thing when I was later in advertising; anyway… ethics 101 no more? been told since, I was in my own little world – the ethics then weren’t all that much different; obviously so, cuz it took me a lot of work to find those with integrity; but once found, they never let me down…

just now seems govts/corps have figured out how to catch others into their web(s)… greed.) those vendors that didn’t spew crap at me were the reliables that didn’t get me in a tough spot later on; which at the end of the day, I appreciated much more than some gift or something.

I’d hear my fellow buyers screaming on telephone calls, calling their vendors every name in the book, threats, …you promised!!! and then pulling out the bottles from their bottom desk drawer. Lucky, I was only 16/17/18 yrs old… didn’t drink; ultimately, I quit/went back to school: writing was on the wall: “your life in XX years if you continue(?)

See, once they accepted stuff/trips from their vendors, they were those vendors’ slaves; i.e. – cuz there was always some trace of my fellow buyers being unethical; a picture, a receipt… that their vendors could hold over them. if caught, they’d lose their jobs.

over flourescent lighting (youtube below – the funniest one I could find; but factual)… I’m thinking a bunch of really smart people sat around while it was presented to them by the co-founding sponsor, most probable, a not for profit (funded by the sponsor) so there would be no misinterpretation of a conflict of interest; as we all know: non-profits are supposed to be there to do good things for others… otherwise, someone got a mink coat!!! cuz it doesn’t make sense, glitzy presentation or not – nobody asked the questions they should have. As of 01/01/2014 in a lot of places, incandescent light bulbs are now illegal. I am sure those smart people sometime since the initial presentation had to find out they’d been duped. Then why didn’t they just fess up that it was a mistake; we take it all back – continue on? Don’t know.

**took a lot more than that made up conversation to get the truth out of the jerks.

that “40 times more energy to manufacture” equates to 4,000 percent more energy to produce; therefore, the 80 percent more efficiency they claim equals only a 3,820 percent deficit; and with the cost and most importantly, the health hazard to all of us – somebody lied during that presentation? Nobody asked questions? Somebody got something? Probably all of the above. Funny thing: if you search Youtube for videos of this, then add up all the viewership of those videos that are listed (just a page or two for sample value), if you notice: the total viewership of the facts out there re these horribly dangerous things they are forcing people to buy is less than 10 percent of Justin Bieber’s least viewed video? now whose fault is it that we allowed this. Presentation = time for preoccupation (unless you do the homework too.)

(to be continued)


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