and then came

patterns and logic. (Come on patterns and logic! We need you.)

almost all of our aggression has been the American consumers’ demand for our government to obtain cheap oil for OUR consumption – Americans are a small percentage of the global population, yet we consume the majority of energy… and we are very aggressive in obtaining it – that is where/why most of our foreign aid and all of our military $$$ are currently spent; i.e. building/keeping alliances and shaking down countries for oil. Yet, we also/at same time protest and demand of our government not to drill our “pristine” lands for the oil we have – and there’s a lot of it – as well as, go forward aggressively towards further wind/solar energy.

Besides it would cost a lot less than our current foreign policies and as a country we couldn’t be manipulated as much financially – yes, the manipulator is manipulated too(!!), the plus side is: we wouldn’t be killing people. it would also allow us AS consumers to settle down for a moment to think: “our way of life” is fine as long as it is us who pays the price for the environmental effects and all of the other heartbreaking ramifications for our needs… not going in and destroying other nations; and whether so far, real or not – being attacked (i.e. – 911 and embassy attacks).

I put this problem squarely on the democrats as though I know it was Bush who initially invaded the middle east, we are forgetting: Republicans had also previous to and throughout the start-up of wars we’ve now started, been begging the US to allow drilling (opening up of national lands etc.); it was the left of our nation that refused to see where that would lead us… I still saw everyone driving 20-40 mile 2x a day with two separate vehicles per family to commute back/forth to jobs etc. – like gas was endless(?) along with mindlessly using every electrical gadget that could be turned on as if all that energy was a present from Santa Claus, along with daily drive-through dinners and all that other stuff that is “our way of life.” (and is killing us). while for decades the rest of the world’s population has watched us be horrible in our addictions at their expenses; and yes, cheap retail goods from other countries: DON’T BUY IT and then complain about the end result; it breaks and then we throw things away and buy new; not good for the environment nor the economy. That’s mind control: our thinking this is right – all because we didn’t want to look at the: what will happen if we do this! Now, look at where we are – we have an impending disaster with a mean/confused person in charge of our country right now.

and remember: we didn’t want manufacturing pollution – and everyone wanted huge wages that forced corps into finding cheaper work elsewhere – now everyone works at Walmarts and Starbucks? Did nobody see this coming???!.

American consumers (this time), not our government nor corporations, should owe up to the selfish people we’ve become and apologize to the rest of the world for our gluttony; and mean it, and I mean, mean it by walking the walk… not repeating our own actions. We really have gone so far off the deep end in forgetting about others for a lifestyle we want.. If we did [apologize] re-examine what we’ve become, it would take away the power of horrible energy and trade agreements that have taken the soul away from this country.

And then: if we don’t want to drill our own oil, that’s fine – then ride a bike and be happy and don’t buy cheaply built mcMansions nobody should have realistically thought they could afford, and then blame banks when (remembering how we, ourselves have been spending so wildly) for not being able to afford what we’ve bought that we shouldn’t have bought to begin with… and live more simply. If we don’t make that choice ourselves, and make it now, I guarantee someone else will be making it for us very soon – they’re angry with us. (and yes, gas is going to cost a lot more – start adjusting your lifestyle/spending habits for $10 per gallon now.)

Everyone is complaining about the people’s lack of power to control our government from doing this and that – frankly, I see it as if we don’t allow ourselves to be gluttons and practice a little more self-control over ourselves (and quit watching reality tv and gaga this and dumb stuff that – it is turning everyone into zombies!!!) then power is restored back to the people – which is what we were suppose to be. who knows, maybe other countries’ citizens might believe us – and follow with truth too. that would be nice.

(to be continued)


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