no flesh nor corn

I was in an antique mall the other day; didn’t buy anything… you know, they didn’t start using nails in good furniture until two-thirds of the way through the last century; they used dowels and they weren’t jigsawed parts glued together; they were full carved pieces… people who try to sell stuff as expensive should know these things; that victorian piece was manufactured in the 70s… the 1970s.

Usually I look through books… sometimes something really fun; an old cookbook, an original children’s classic; i.e. – Nancy Drew/Hardy Boys, one of the original Oz or Raggedy Ann series… something gets missed and isn’t sold off on the internet – sometimes you find something cool.

Lots of those “coffee table” books in the antique malls – the stuff people sell at yard sales – something probably given to them as a present… 25 cents, it’s yours; by the time it is in an antique mall – it’s a buck or two; there is no value to any of them really: all the different ones on botany or the alps or rock n roll or fashion – useless observations, unless you are sitting in a doctor’s office or something and bored, there’s no reason to pick one up; that’s why they buy them/put them in their offices… for people to pass short periods of time without boredom/complaining.

I noticed one of those magazine table books in the store, “Two Million Years of The Earth’s History.” it was about one and one half inches thick… thought to myself, how could anyone present any form of [a] comprehensive history of 2 million years on this earth in an inch and a half? Then I noticed it was published by Readers’ Digest. Oh, yeah, the condensed version. made me laugh.


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