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never watched the show, but: a 67-yr old with long hair in dark sunglasses, bandana and army fatigues; and he wears the look very well; seems like an honorable man… says he doesn’t believe in alcoholics, greed, liars, and homosexuality among other sexual things he believes are deviant; and I think I read a few other things in the mix… his reply to a specific question asked of him in a mag article. his right and he was being honest, not hateful. Though I am pro sexual choice is up to the individuals involved, as long as it is not threatening speech, it is his opinion.

uh-oh! the politically correct world whom only wants to be protected from everything cries out? I agree with Phil… he has a right to free-speech. that’s his opinion. What? only certain opinions are free? that’s not freedom.

and what isn’t even being discussed: his ideals/beliefs are so very normal for his age-group – so it’s okay to attack a man who is technically a senior citizen and what he believes in? he has no right to say what he believes in anymore. and nobody is remembering: he was over 50 when all of this public acceptance of others’ sex lives/preferences became so public(?) to everyone else; and remember – he wasn’t taunting anyone, he was answering a question, honestly. ‘sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me’ actually did make people stronger emotionally, i.e. – you don’t start a fight because someone doesn’t agree with you; and: everyone bows to reality sisters and housewives and violence violence violence – I don’t watch those, cuz I just don’t want to but that’s their lives and their interests and they’re not concerned with my opinion (I don’t watch Duck Dynasty either, just cuz it doesn’t sound interesting either). The social media is social engineering and political correctness is bullying, and whether I agree with any of the above-mentioned realities or not, I definitely disagree with the reality of social engineering/marketing – and it’s turning everyone into a bunch of whiney little robotic babies.

so I look [it] up and find:

in Oregon, a school official wastes taxpayer time/money ‘ordinancing’ that peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are racists against new immigrants cuz where they migrated from, peanut butter and jelly was not served. What!?

in England… some idiot psychologist lady wasted those taxpayers’ money there, on a study concluding… using white paper for art projects to create with/write on is racist and gives immigrant children there a bad image of themselves. What? Instead of the obvious: it is simply easier/better to use white paper cuz all the other colors placed upon it stay the colors they are… imagine drawing a tree and flowers on purple paper. the greens would look like mud, the browns would look like greys, the yellows? they would not show up at all.

…a school in NJ… the ‘Holiday’ concert took all mentions of Jesus out of Silent Night. What? The song is about the birth of Jesus which is what Christmas is celebrated for.

In Alabama, though, a parade could have no reference to anything about Jesus, a group of men in drag -santa suit hotpants and full makeup… they were all gyrating as if in a strip club as they paraded down the street past young children. And that is correct?

and as I was doing my grocery shopping today, the young lady who checked me out… “hi.” “hi.” (she usually is all smiles and talkative; not today). Then it hit me… “oh, Merry Christmas,” I smiled. She smiled back… real big and whispered Merry Christmas back… “it’s okay, they’ve instructed you not to say those words, huh?” “uh-huh.” “your smile was a gift, so thank you; they’re wrong.” …and she smiled again.

My point: I don’t agree with his belief nor his lifestyle – but tolerance I believe in.

and (just checking to see what the show is about – turns out it’s re hunting and being a veggie, don’t believe people should kill animals for human use, otherwise…I just might have started watching that Phil guy on Duck Dynasty just cuz…) I think he’s from the south Louisiana or Alabama… where the errotic performance was allowed in view of young children instead of whose birthday we’re celebrating. Dumb. Lighten up… quit thinking only about yourself – maybe try smoking funny things might help – laugh and be happy and love. Merry Christmas Alabama and then there too stands tall Michigan and everything in between. Nobody bitching – just together.

And besides: for all these personal demands by some groups against others… to get more power for themselves? that’s not what we were to accomplish (I thought); I thought we were suppose to accept each other and understand the greater good of differences while we watched the whole in awe.

an indirect take (saw posted) – first it was: there was the elimination of rye bread, then they took away pumpernickel, then it was the whole wheat and white… then there stood the sourdough, now all alone… then it too… well, soon there was nothing to hold but the “let us.”

(but the woman announcing is wrong: it’s actually three’s to become a fourth.)


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