monk fruit

There once was a monk named aloof who traveled this world with three bushels of fruit: when he peeled the pulp turned time into sensuous sounds splashing juice puddles all over lost ground as he walked, at first stepping wide, until finally his very own stride surfacing back in constant surprise, stood above (mostly) heavenly mounds (never turning back!) before resting in all he knew then was never the end of even more stuff to be found.

@10/20/2013 by KPW


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currently compiling thoughts/writings -- notebooks full, pulled apart and put back together and then something new, and here it all comes. two books being finished in the interim. Sometimes really frustrating. I remain with little interest in attempting to learn the "how to" parts of blogging because I'm technically inept, so multiple limitations are always present; just try not to think about... but other creations coming soon -- I think I am able to scan/pdf; what I am currently working on (paintings and photos and painted photos) once finished; or get someone else to do it for me.
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