fireflies 8

arrival; i.e.: sometimes patterns are so closely placed, you trip over them – aka: watch your step(s)!

hey, man, sorry we’re so late… unavoidable. (guy one)

sorry, dudes, but the vendor entrance closed a half hour ago. (security guy)

that’s okay, we can unload from here and walk it all in. (guy two)

nope, not allowed. (security guy)

man, we drove all the way from Oregon; see, we’re broke if we can’t sell this stuff. (guy two)

can’t do it. (security guy)

please, they wouldn’t have been late except they stopped to help us; we were stranded – they’re nice guys. (strawberry-blonde)

huh? (security guy)

she’s right. we were out in the middle of nowhere and they pulled over to keep us from getting hurt or something; it wouldn’t be fair to keep them out. (dark-haired girl)

I mean, you would have done the same thing, right? (strawberry-blonde)

what? (security guy)

pulled over to help us – and if it had been you, not them, that we made late, wouldn’t you want them to be understanding towards you? they’d listen, I’m sure, and they’d bend the rules for you; they really are nice guys; no games, they just want to see Bowie (strawberry-blonde)

look, t-shirt vendors don’t get in the concert just cuz they get in as merchants, so if that’s the case, no good anyway – you guys can still get in with your tickets but you’ll need to park in general parking. (security guy)

no way, we’re suppose to have passes too. see (guy one showed the passes).

yeah, but they’re vendor passes and since you didn’t get here in time for setup, you can’t get in the vendor entrance anyway… sorry. (security guy)

you’re being a butt-head. (guy one)

he means, what if they hadn’t picked us up and then later you read about two teenagers thrown into the sea or something; I mean, look at the big picture in all of this! you are supposed to be here to protect people, right? (strawberry-blonde)

yeah? (security guy)

okay, and you do – so therefore, is not your main concern to be a guardian of those lesser than you? (strawberry-blonde)

well, …yeah. (security guy)

and because of your insight, you should be overjoyed and in awe of these two men; and even if they weren’t actual vendors but just that you heard of their heroism, if I were you, so as to celebrate the few people who actually take part in this world and try to help others, I’d offer them free admittance; wouldn’t you, Michelle? (strawberry-blonde)

yeah, she’s right, we’re all in this together and there isn’t any reason for you to be gruff and disallowing towards them as they aren’t scammers or anything – they only took the time to help us; and now for that, instead of honoring them, it’s like your punishing them instead. (dark-haired girl)

really, what kind of message are you sending out there to the universe with such a confusing rule as the one you’re laying down in front of us? (strawberry-blonde).

yeahbutt, I mean if I let them in then I have to let everyone. (security guy)

no you don’t – unless, of course, everyone was in fact heroes like these two gentlemen. (dark-haired girl)

right. then everyone would deserve to be treated with respect and honor – obviously, without asking for either. it’s a matter of differentiating between the whole and the individual; the whole is an unfair concept when rules are made; in fact, if we treated everyone with individual respect instead of a group’s clamoring for deserved allowances just cuz they are part of the group, then more would become individuals and not sheep. (strawberry-blonde)

she’s right — would you be this determined to uphold the rules if a group was asking for privilege or would you assume their power is in their numbers not their actions? (dark-haired girl)

what the heck? (security guy)

she’s explaining that is the lack of individual that is causing the world to turn into bullies. (strawberry-blonde)

yes! everyone feels taken so their adversity in listening to what is right is only towards the individuals they perceive they can hold power over, even if that individual is perfectly with honor; in essence, such actions are what cause others to hide in groups and become bullies and hanger-oners to the group’s comfort so that they are cradled, even if that isn’t what is right to do. (dark-haired girl)

and these two guys are probably the nicest, most unselfish people here, yet you are taking out frustrating rules that don’t make sense on them even in light of the fact they’ve helped the universe this day… in helping us without question or need for anything for themselves. (strawberry-blonde)

really, is that fair? (dark-haired girl)

you two… what the hell? (security guy)

we’re just trying to help you. (dark-haired girl)

yeah, you seem nice, smart, thoughtful; maybe just afraid? cuz allowing them isn’t doing anything dishonest or bad or anything, is it? (strawberry-blonde)

thoughtful, huh? (security guy)

uh-huh. (guy two)

it’s what’s right (dark-haired girl)

man, I’m still stoned. (guy one)

okay. (security guy)

thanks, man, you’re cool. (guy one)

well, we’ll see you guys later, I guess; thank you again for helping us. (strawberry-blonde)

huh? (guy one)

we probably shouldn’t push it – I mean, he’s being nice to bend the rules for you already (strawberry-blonde)

no, you two too – come on, but you can’t go in the door, here (and he handed the two girls each their own pass), you’ll have to go in the back (stage) door. (security guy)

really? (dark-haired girl)

really. (security guy)

oh, rachel, we have back stage passes to see Bowie! (dark-haired girl)

thank you! (strawberry-blonde)

go! (security guy)

and then: the four were allowed to enter via the vendor entrance…

are you sure? I mean, we can stay out here with your stuff while you guys go watch the show? (strawberry-blonde)

nah, go on – look, try to get out here like pretty soon after the concert ends, you can ride back with us; here, in case we miss: here’s the number of our partner who we’re staying with – call us if we’re not here when you leave. Okay? (guy one)

okay, thank you; come on Rachel, let’s go. (dark-haired girl)

hey, wait a minute! (guy one)

what? (strawberry- blonde)

before you guys go in, how about in front of these other goofballs, we get to give you a kiss – I mean, nothing creepy or anything; it will just help our image, you know — with other girls? (guy one)

the two girls looked at each other, smiled, then in identical leaps grabbed the two guys and plopped huge kisses on each… the type kisses with feet of the ground, guys swinging them around… they all started laughing.

okay, go; we gotta sell this stuff. (guy two)

and the two girls did, turning around/stopping to thank them once more before showing their passes to the [now] backstage security guy.

(to be continued)


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