wow! it was like a Pink Floyd concert on drugs! (me re last week’s performance of Sigur Ros before having to leave on a trip – the concert was mind-blowing!)

i know – last time I saw them at the BGrahm Auditorium everyone just stopped moving mid-concert – sensory overtake. (person who took me cuz I pouted when I didn’t get to go to their last concert)

yeah – but remember: technology allows for a lot these days; if PF had been touring now, there’s would have been… (another thought – driving through the Mojave on my last trip a few weeks ago.. re PF’s Dark Side of The Moon, which coincidentally was playing during that drive… will take six months at least to put into words…)

this last week’s travel back across the US – took back roads as much as I could:

am certain I’ve now walked through landscapes where Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid traveled…(interesting side note: Steve McQueen turned down the role as Sundance) the mesas/buttes/prairies/mountains/rivers/sunsets – yes, they are purple. I was traveling east: rearview mirror, watch the road ahead, rearview mirror, watch the road ahead; awe, just pull over and watch… – and in the distance(s) the clouds start off silver – not grey and heavy, but silver and sparkling and light. then turning to pink as they are closer – same clouds, then they’re white and then, in a flash: gone. the trees in the prairies (those that are there) all are permanently bent from a southwest directed wind (hint for future structures? …kept looking at buildings that were destroyed… realizing the errors in their foundations and placements… yet, from longer past, those that remain were built properly … cushioned against the terrains and torrents…). it’s not rocket science, it’s observation.

up in northern NM area’s high deserts, then crossing over to the Panhandle, I found the best radio station (I believe): 99.5 (have no clue of names of most towns, but all of the towns were lovely and intelligent/deliberate in their kindness/good people).

found, in taking back roads, not the main highways, the smaller communities have been overlooked/not bought out by large corporations (yay!! not enough money to invest in ruining, I guess… more freedom) and their radio stations reflect/are able to play beautiful music without ten minutes of commercials btwn each six minutes of music) – a mix of the most magnificent underground, country, beautiful poetic rap, with some of the best from the past mixed into… it made me think of a young rapper I talked with in Chicago last winter after a show; his tour schedule through a horrendous storm: little towns mostly, NB, WY, the Dakotas mixed into the larger metro areas and… he was a thoughtful man, knew he had people to go see/entertain – so off [they] drove in a minivan through the storms…

re country music:

some of the lesser known musicians/producers today along with some of the bigger names too, I recognized their names – just overlooked/not listened to cuz of ? – really great music with all of these layers bowing in and out… it’s like they picked up a little from some of the stuff in the 80s/90s and made it more exquisite: remember The Police’s Every Breath You Take? – the only song I personally liked of The Police – kind of a creepy stalker song lyrically, but the music with the bowing made it quite beautiful; also was U2’s With Or Without You – it bowed in layers at the end; and then can’t think of the name of the artist, but another one heard: every time I think of you I always catch my breath…I aint missing you at all…; they all have that same gentle tone vibrating through; bodies/minds react well to it: [well], that’s what I was listening to in the newer country they were playing – why don’t they play that stuff on the radio in the larger metro areas? along with some of the other songs being played, songs that sounded like painted horses running through deserts and tom-toms rolling low, and it was all stunning.

I didn’t even mind the times I became lost for 100s of miles before figuring it out on my own: those google directions are idiotic – which I knew that, just hadn’t used them for years so I thought maybe they’d improved… nope. Only to realize later, when I was back on the right route that I’d passed the correct road two hours prior – but no, did I use common sense? Uh-uh! Google had mapped out the “route” for me, which I dutifully wrote down and stuck to cuz there isn’t any cell phone reception up there – better not use my own abilities/instincts – huh? and the world is lost? Up north of Santa Fe in this college town, Las Vegas NM, a man had cautioned me of the drive I planned to take that day as we sat talking during breakfast… he’d told me to turn around/go back about 50 miles then cross over… “it would be easier to get where you’re going…” did I listen? No… I got lost instead…

but then: I wouldn’t have found my favorite radio station (ever) – and I guess driving around in circles half the day in the OK panhandle, enabled me to hear [it] longer… along with (I gotta find this type country music!) lots of music you don’t get to hear on the corporate stations: Bondy and Primitive Radio Gods and Jacob Dylan and Tommy Bolan and as written about earlier: Sigur Ros and so many others: all woven in and out of really good country -and it was a perfect day anyway.

then – to Dodge City – yes, there is a Wyatt Earp Boulevard, then: Wichita! Ooh!!! was it fun and I was in Oz…? And yes, they had lovely music in all types and sizes…; and gentlemen, and dancing, and lovely/kind women – thank god for stubborn independence (and something else I could see in their eyes when they played Glen Campbell’s Wichita Lineman). And then as a request they played:

which we all danced to.

I think trips should take on the characteristics of an episode remembered from I Love Lucy … at least from time to time. Viva La Lucy!! and Rand McNally fold-out maps; and neon sunsets and Glen Campbell and standing outside a broken phone booth with money in my hand.


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