dirt bikes and rental vehicles

two subjects – neither connected; one learned just in last couple of weeks (significantly important to everyone!!!), the other: found a letter from a long time ago… he was a nice man.

hmm.. which one first?

rental vehicles:

have been flying back/forth to CA multiple times in last month… a relative is extremely ill; last time out (just returned) took my son with me. We both love her very much; and also for him to help me pack/move her apartment… unfortunately, while we were both in CA, the person who was watching Lou (my dog…. yes, Lou, Fireflies will continue… soon.) called to inform he had to leave the country on biz… so one of us had to fly home to take care of my dog. My son did (as the rental moving truck I’d contracted wouldn’t allow him w/out me to drive the load back across the country and I’d received a good deal when booked apparently; to un-book/re-book in his name would have cost $1500 more for the exact same truck rental; go figure?…

to get him back to the airport from where we were, we had to make an immediate flight reservation, and then late that night, drive both the rental car and the rental truck up to the airport he’d be flying out of (so I could get the rental car returned back to airport car rentals…)

“you know what?”


“i only brought my prescription sun glasses, thinking you’d be doing most of the night driving, I’d be doing the day… so, though, I can see clear, it’s going to seem a little dark until I get adjusted to them at night, (so) you drive the truck back up and I’ll follow in the car; it will be easier… okay?”


off we went – he’d loaded the moving van well – it handled perfect without weight shift as we took off (I was watching closely how it leaned/moved/bumped as I followed… not bad, I thought, probably going to be easier than most I’ve had to drive… he did well/he’s obviously paid attention to prior situations… mom’s proud. and: down the freeway we drove to get back up to the airport; the speed limit around where we were leaving from was 70 mph – most people drove around 75; he stayed with the flow all the way (about a 100 mile drive) up into the metro area were the airport was. I’d flashed for him to pull over about 20 miles prior to the city freeways to remind: once you go past [that] exit, start the slow down… we’ll be on two or three clover interchanges with quick lane changes to get all the way over to proper lanes to continue the route on through to the hotel by the airport.

he agreed he would – but!

it was late, and he just kept the speed up – driving that big truck through the quick merging changes… did well; following him I was impressed.

next day – early after his flight/returning rental car – I set off back down the same route – I wanted to stop in at the hospital one more time before I started off cross-country; and had heard of fires in the mountains – so I’d take the southern route. While driving I was confused/thought the truck must have a mechanical problem(?) unsure(?) as it wouldn’t allow me to go any faster than 60 mph – well, bahgeeze! – this isn’t going to do well, as I only have two(point)five days to get this thing back across country driving the entire trip solo – and with stopping again (talking w/doctors etc) I left way after 1 pm… to actually be situated on the road – going towards Bakersfield to cross through the mountainous part of the Mojave… so at a stop for gas, I called the truck rental 800 # – this is what I was told:

….there is no problem with the truck, it is just that our computers picked up that you were driving too fast through a 50 mph interchange late last night… she pinpointed the exact ramps too! spooky!!!


turns out, those devices that are advertised by insurance companies for their customers to request/attach to their cars so as to prove they are “good drivers” and get rate decreases, have backfired: hardly anyone always puts their turn signal on every time they move a vehicle left/right, hardly anyone doesn’t go over the speed limit at times (or too slow); hardly anyone drives perfect – and those little monitors pick absolutely everything up and they have devices in them that know exactly where you are as you drive – so there are a bunch of those devices already manufactured never sold/used. Apparently as people thought wow that would be good and started using them on their own vehicles, they were unable to (then) talk themselves out of they don’t drive as good as they think they do – and receiving rate hikes after three months with computerized proof, apparently – nobody wants them: so monitors/nanny devices are being put on rental vehicles – with intent (that shortly) the companies’ computerized records will have direct access to law enforcement: and a ticket will (soon) be automatically mailed to the renters’ of the vehicles. Both rental trucks and rental vehicles. In fact, the lady I spoke with informed me that [last year] I had another rental truck (when I moved) that showed speeding… I informed her again, I hadn’t been driving that truck either – I was following in my own car – and, yes, I knew: a friend who was helping me move had sped – I’d reprimanded him that initial evening’s drive when we arrived at the first destination that he was driving way too fast (and my stuff was in that truck and I was furious cuz he had taken an extreme chance in ruining my grandmother’s china etc. the way the truck was bouncing all over the road.) She laughed… but informed if I ever get another (a third) reading on another vehicle (multiple rental companies share the same data base), I’d probably be denied renting again… without a huge fee/bond. Wow, I said. She was nice and reversed the current reading for me – and informed she’d take the governor off. I thanked her and promised I was a really good driver; would take care of the truck. (She’d also informed me that it was because of consumer complaints re their own insurance bills that this device was invented… so the moral is: be careful what you wish for. [Because of complaints from consumers] pretty soon, all new cars will have these devices installed in them automatically. Thanks guys! Don’t know exactly when it will happen, but shortly we will all be privileged to receive speeding and reckless driving tickets and fender bender violations and illegal parking and all sorts of other lovely citations via osmosis; no, I mean via big brother; i.e. – computers and complainers have developed some useful stuff.


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