Miss Crump

Miss Crump: do any of you have the faintest idea how this country got started? ….

Opey answers in earnest: stuff recited from memorization out of a history book’s pages.

A verbal argument ensues btwn the full class…

(I’m writing something else more biz related… while listening to the tv: the Andy Griffith show’s on)

Miss Crump is a school teacher who also has a romantic interest w/Sherrif Taylor.

the part I started listening in on was Miss Crump leading the class in the Pledge of Allegiance – the interesting part when my ears perked up/into the script? She became frustrated with the lack of commitment among her students to think through to the meaning… to understand what they were actually reciting.

I’d been thinking about this same subject on occasion for a few weeks, quietly. Miss Crump just inspired me to write a snippet re; and what I’m working on currently is quite boring.

if we changed/recited the pledge differently, it might mean more as we teach it to our children and they recite it dutifully. Instead of:

I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America…

could it be:

I pledge allegiance to the truth that is the United States of America… ?

I mean, we’re a little off-track right now, but as with advertising/commercials, to hear something over and over, you start believing it eventually; and since most children are instructed to start reciting this pledge around five years of age, after a half a generation or so, could not the meaning/truth be better understood? to me “a flag” seems a little out there for most to comprehend as a symbol for which we aspire this allegiance;so maybe that’s why they seldom take it to heart… whereas, at age five or so, all children know what truth is supposed to mean – and with a more concise understanding of what they’re actually talking about, the meaning they are instructed to pledge becomes more valuable? unsure.

this simple change might, though well intended, just raise a stink – as our flag is protected by law; whereas the truth seems to have no protection and by way of misunderstanding has followed the Potomac out to sea. but they did insert “under God” into the pledge in the 50s – wasn’t there before, so it is possible to change(?)

ps – I like Miss Crump – she was kind, pretty, and sweet, and yet still had a sense of justice and the courage/backbone to express that in her thoughts of others – don’t know name of actress, but her character: what you believe to be important for all – speak up, it’s not about you… is what I miss in today’s world. we need more Miss Crumps than we do Kardashian sisters.


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