riddles in the middle as the cat played her fiddle

but… she stopped when the cow’d jumped over the moon; instead of what’s been previously written, she (the cat) dropped her bow on the cow’s toe (hoof) in total disbelief never before known while watching this shimmering night glow as (now) a star up in heaven paused before acceleration again passed this scene to the east skies (while waiting for Alice to wake) Dinah began to react: her meow more pleasant than loud called for the dipper, and in her sleep, [it] answered to bring: a saucer of milk appeared by her side (all the while as this memory played) now lapping it up as she purred before falling back asleep with her whiskers perfectly preened squeaky clean, she gave one last thought of her own dreamy dream: that Cheshire Cat’s smile is in this story for me!


takes you back to bed

the queen, she said, she likes her roses red… with that the gardeners, six, rushed to paint a proper fix while the Knave of Hearts – before those tarts — escaped assault by toppling court ending up instead cuffed to the queen as Alice screamed a larger dream and no one lost their heads!

the cat, it sat, smiling down upon the day… tigerlilies orange and pink he stops to think those words he’ll speak to make them want to play again a game that takes them far away as a hedgehog rolls into this scene a flamingo’s wings tucked safe to say they’ve all gathered for croquet while a pot it sings with frothy rising steam such tasty snacks it brings them back from everything they’ve grieved

a hat, a hare, a plan to show them where… they march in line to jumbled rhymes then take a sip into their lips while going mad they laugh instead of staying sad and one by one their dreams undone until they’ve split the bill into another day to see it’s paid their worries fade without distress they show the rest to remind again it’s never really very clear

with each affair unhinged a walrus’ tusks are singed… in burning facts keep coming back to a carpenter’s tat-tat must busy him throughout the day while building ships to sail upon the shining seas they feel a breeze and hand in hand they walk in sand talking of those cabbages and kings before they seal the deal to bring good news to each and all their friends:

those lunatics have finally cringed… we knew they would and if we could we’d do it all again(!) in present company together Tweedledum said back to Tweedledee the battle’s one the battle’s two and now would you be so kind to please pour another cup of tea!

@ 05/05/2011 by KPW


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