fireflies 7

see… Lou, I told you there’d be fireflies in this story… they’re lovely little creatures that help people, and I am certain, if a dog kind of like you was in peril… and [he] was a good dog that didn’t go around eating the little creatures they are, they’d want to help him too… if ever there should be a time to come, Lou? are you listening? he was… those eyes weren’t rolling all over the place any longer – this had become interesting…

“hey,” said one of the guys.

“hi,” (the strawberry-blonde).

“wow,”…the other guy!

“huh,” (the dark-haired girl).

“you two are like glowing evening angels, I mean – man – we were tripping from like a mile away, thought you were a UFO hovering low, low, low… how low will they go… (he laughed) for our pleasure… all lit up with green men and everything, and ready to take us up to the heavens – man, what was that you came from one or was it two – can we ever know what they will do?” (we’re going to begin calling him guy 1)

“bugs, (both girls – now giggling).

“bugs!?!!?! no way!” (and him, guy 2)

“yeah, little flies helping us, it was so dark we couldn’t see – I think they came to show us a way back to safety.” (strawberry-blonde)

“uh-huh, little glowing flies just appeared so we could see.” (dark-haired girl)

“wow…? you guys okay?” (guy 1)

“yeah, but we’re kind of way far away from where we were going.” (dark-haired girl)

“past while we were asleep.” (strawberry-blonde)

“where were you going?” (guy 1)

“close to big sur.” (strawberry blonde)

“shit – you’re way past… how you going to get there?” (guy 2)

“don’t know.” (dark-haired girl)

the two guys started talking… then:

“why don’t you come with us? I mean we won’t hurt you or nothing; we’re going to Hollywood; see – we’re from Eugene and we’re running late.” (guy 1)

“yeah, no shit – had you not got us all lost for the last four friggin hours – I mean Yosemite? how did you think Yosemite was on the way?” (guy 2)

“man, I just heard it wasn’t that far from Tahoe and it looked like easier than crossing over.” …look, we gotta sell these shirts and stuff at a concert and we’re late – shit it’s going to be starting in an hour – so if you wanna ride, get in; we’re not that far and man, we promise, we’re cool.” (guy 1)

“yeah, but just think, driving in there with these two – we’ll be legends in the parking lot; like the best two dudes have the two best dudettes… everyone will think we’re cooler than we are.” (guy 2)

“no thank you.” (strawberry blonde)

“shut up dipstick! man, you’re freaking them out – he didn’t mean it; honest… come on we can’t leave you guys out here by yourselves, man, it wouldn’t be right; you might get hurt or something. please, trust us.” (guy 1)

…they talked for a couple more minutes before the two girls realized these guys weren’t going to try anything…

“hey, I’m sorry, really.” (guy 2)

so they took the ride.

“hey, you know – we got vendor passes in so you two can get in with us… it’s Bowie.” (guy 2)

“Bowie?” (both girls)

“yeah, the Zigmiester and his Spiders.” (guy 1)

“from Marzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.” (guy 2)… he started singing.

“oh, my god, no… really, we can get in the concert?” (dark-haired girl)

“uh-huh!” and the one guy in the passenger side showed the passes that allowed them into the venue. (he’s guy 2)

“okay, thank you.” (strawberry-blonde)

their van smelled like jasmine incense mixed with pot…

“you toke?” (guy 2)

“no. but, please – go ahead.” (both… sidenote: they started giggling soon anyway…)

“was going to – if you change your minds…” (guy 2)

“thank you.” (dark-haired girl)

and so the four of them drove along down into the lights; singing to the 8-track and talking of fireflies and Uncle John’s Band, and TRex, and whether or not it was the government’s intention to keep hippies out of restaurants by allowing businesses to post: “no shirt, no shoes, no service” signs in their establishments; even though (as guy 1 explained in great depth), the law only pertained to workers of the restaurants: not the customers. it was an interesting discussion – and everyone was laughing and…)

“there it is! we’re here!!” (guy 1)

there, up above, on the cliffs to their left: “HOLLYWOOD” …

(to be continued…)


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