everybody talks about fitness and getting ripped and “being in shape.” I just googled the subject (traveling a lot and thinking of what can I while…) and finished thinking, “huh?” apparently, I’ve been wrong all of these years… I’ve never understood the obsession of the populace to follow some regimine in vanity? why? have always looked for movement… to move feels beautiful and to do so means you can do whatever you want – like being a kid always. By feeling joy of movement unrehearsed, unplanned, just because it is a wonderful experience (fun is better than regimine or even worse: stillness) to be light and be able to jump fences and swing from things up high and run after a dog or chase down a bus or squat down to pick up your dropped keys or to pick up grocery bags (don’t bend over – remember what they always said (before): bend/lift from the knees; i.e. continual over extension of a spine those little discs which in a while – sometimes it takes longer whiles than others – pulls your spine into a hunched position as repetitive patterns become stat, no matter what/why for, get you stuck)… that would hurt and keep a life from wanting to move – so I never saw the logic behind doing situps is good for a person (I know, …you’re not a fitness expert, and they all say otherwise); also, “ripped abs” to me would seem to screw with a person’s internal organs; i.e. – cramp them, give them less space/mobility to move freely – we’re talking stomach, colon, kidneys, liver, all of them…, which in turn would cause them not to be able to function eventually; (2nd) i.e. – digestive problems… besides a crap diet; definitely no meat, logic would dictate that too much hardened muscle vs lean muscle would cause everything a need to work harder and over time, do more damage than good – eventually they give out.

so backstroke is the best (regular first, then elementary – the one that’s like doing breaststroke on your back) – followed close by yoga/dance. go ahead, try it: and feel as each arm’s stroke pulls in the correct way, lubricating everything from your shoulders (they pull back) to your wrists – if you’re doing it correctly – i.e. instead of a straight down pull: arm behind your ear(s) as you start to pull back and then take each stroke to the side and then pull down/forward to your body’s side (you won’t waste movement/bob up/down, instead: all enegery goes forward), expanding your chest, aligning your neck (stretch it correctly), and kick from your hips (no replacement(s) needed)… it aligns your abs to be pulled correctly (360 degrees) to strengthen every muscle: front and back. result: flat abs, no ugly ripples either too muscular or too flabby – just long/lean/firm without exagerated tightening around your organs – they’re what’s important (organs, that is); and perfect posture: i grew up on swim team, danced through school, martial arts at times throughout… it was the backstroke that kept me aligned correctly through the latter two and taught me” strength and endurance can be the most gentle movements in the world.

note: there is one ballet situp taught many years ago that isn’t straining on your back: on floor with legs straight up, soles together, toes pointed: three variations and in order: 1st: with hands behind/cradling head at base of neck move up forward but arch your back as you go up – at first it might only be a 1/4 inch or so arch allowed for without strain, by the time you get good at them, you’re still not going up more than an inch or two at best – and none of that panting breathing -shallow breaths are bad breaths! take a hugely deep breath and slowly let it out – could take ten/twenty repetions to fully exhale depending on speed you’re going/control; next with hands still clasped as before and toes still pointed/legs above/soles together: do another rep diagonally elbow(s) leading pulling up to opposite side as you rise – still arching back slightly as you rise – still very little movement – it’s the control; last: hands still craddling neck/head/legs up/toes pointed/soles together with spine firmly on floor: bend from side to side/elbows leading to each side, no arch/no movement up/down of spine – this gets the fluids all flowing again through your discs and the massage you give your spine inherently through this movement activates a gland in your back that protects against bone loss… and the inverted/legs up position throughout brings blood flow to everything better (for the whole day it can last) oh, yeah do hold your abs in throughout. before bringing your legs down: then you take one foot and put it behind the other leg’s knee to steady: then rotate your extended ankle/foot around in circles with toes pointed twenty/thirty times, then rotate in reverse, then flex the extended leg’s foot, and repeat rotations, then flex foot up/down from a point of toes to flex – then repeat on other side. our feet/ankles are ignored too easily – don’t ignore your feet! the rest of your body will thank them. besides: you get strong legs and ankles doing this, flexible/strong enough to protect the rest of your body from injuries/pain . (promise.)

flat tummy, no stress on spine or digestive system/other stuff in there/good posture, straight shoulders… comes from not straining muscles nor ignoring them… and then the water: backstroke keeps you moving correctly the longest! and that’s the fun part: moving. now go dance the night away and climb a mountain and jump off a cliff and laugh as you move/fall – it works best in the larger scheme of things. the fun/the laughter.

answer to question: what can I while [traveling]? pack my swimsuit.


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