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one night a long time ago… by accident, you find yourself in a place way far away and while there, you hear the most beautiful music with sounds upon sounds and chatter behind and a beautiful voice singing in that night before being led back somehow to where you’d been before being there. after: you hear that same music for years and years while in other nights, asleep in dreams. then one evening, you’re sitting with friends and they play an album and there’s that voice – the same one you heard in a night long ago, but the songs were different; and not even annoying to them (those friends), you sit there mesmerized and ask them to play the songs over and over… they don’t know why – but they too enjoy the songs, so they consent; and then after: you find more and more and the songs become your favorite (because the voice is the same as it was in that place where you’d originally heard it); and you just know it always will be.

then one day, you are given yet another cd: within, it is the same exact music heard years before… so for all the gifts ever given you, there is now, just by chance, a most special one.

and so… as you go along and this comes and that goes you find comfort (when) listening to what has been with you all along, just had to wait until someone else wrote those beautiful sounds you’d heard from a past (and you’re a little confused at first as you remember listening to back then while listening to now); and how do you explain? not easy, and if understood the questions they would ask, so you keep it to yourself as other things are written down from before.

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quill: thinking back to a night while writing at a desk all alone… it seems a long time before, but really not long ago: the tip of the quill cracked and as it ruptured into sepia tones, it covered over desires being exposed in that night’s hazy glow. but the ink became vapor and disappeared into time, too far back in a memory, it left before writing the rest down. on top of the blotter, placed neat, sat the quill until the next day finally passed and then, while taking off my shoes before going to sleep, an image appeared looking to the desk as it was left sitting there… back into time revealed the same note written before the quill broke: it was a note to myself to remember what wasn’t then clear.

@ 10/20/2011 by KPW


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