fireflies 4

and so it was for two teenagers to become closest friends and as the semester continued and the weather became warmer, the girls would take off sometimes even earlier than their schedules allowed; and would find meadows and hillsides and creeks and lakes to study and talk and dream and one day over the mountains to the beach they would go; thereafter to the beach, sometimes with others, almost always together, they learned of a world always beautiful and brighter when they were together without any harm ever and in crystal-white light the two seemed to float and this made everything brighter for all of those around, and without any effort strangers would smile and laugh and be part of their glorious world: and it was always in time spent together under the sun and the stars in a luminous glow became what each day was and it all was in ways nobody could ever explain – and each told the other of true loves in their lives – one’s a thousand miles away – he was a love not to be forgot and the dark-haired beauty was loyal and as she spoke of the one she would return to one day she was never unhappy to now be with her friend every day; and the other one’s was there with them on the same streets where they both lived, always looking out for the two but not yet more than a kiss for the one as she watched [him] mostly from a distance, he was patient and enjoyed watching her back… as she moved through his world unlike any other (he informed), so he’d wait for her until there was a time to be his; and this made it easy for the dark-haired girl and the strawberry blonde to be free and explore and talk of the world without any stupid rules and as each day was new and without ever a plan they began again the next as it came…. one day while talking about nothing at all except what was before them then, they walked to where a road took cars over mountains down the other side to the ocean when a(nother) young woman pulled over to ask, were they going to the sea? and they decided they were – and it was a beautiful drive; the young woman who’d stopped to give them a ride was going farther down the coast [that day] but offered to take them to where the boardwalk and wharfs met with that part of the sea before she continued on her way down the coast – she would be driving back late at night and if they wanted a ride, to meet her at the same place – they agreed and waved goodbye before continuing on and to the Big Dipper first to travel up and down and around and around and out over the beach they could see into the sun and it was beautiful and warm and there were shells and sparkling sand and birds and waves rolling in becoming such a peaceful sound as they’d flow then after a time into a trickle between rocks in a cove and with the wind softly blowing the feeling was magnificent and for the one: never before! and while in the same distance time stood still with those same ocean waves, the concessions and barkers and musical rides and bells and whistles between others’ laughter could still be faintly heard and when it became dark mechanical music and other sounds, now even louder and with bright flashing lights all over the sky and rockets and sparkles blasted (by man) up into the night falling back to melt above waters, now coming in with the tide, always in a whisper was the sound of those beautiful waves and with lights hung on the piers aimed at the breakers now dark moving in the night the colors were swirling and turquoise and blue with butter-foam sparkles seemed to be suspended in crests beneath a night’s lighted haze and also (too) cotton candy and apples with caramel and pizza and bumper cars and a fun house with mirrors to run and slide through while laughing, and pictures to remember the day were taken in a booth… and the most fun: sitting on the beach after it all – talking now of adventures neither yet had been able to ever recall while with another… tomorrow they’d go there wherever that was.

“this is my favorite place.”

“good, then, it’s been the perfect day.”

“we’ll come back again?”

“okay – but right now we’d better get back to catch our ride home.”

and they did and the woman who’d been waiting for the two was happy to see them and while driving back over the mountains to the same place where she’d first offered a ride, she told them about her trip that day further down the coast to a place were still it stayed ancient (and hidden to most) and of purple ice flowers and a sunset with such a brilliant orange glow the red in the middle was brighter than most and so when it finally would set below the horizon of that glorious part of the coast, with eyes wide open, if you could see… the final color was the greenest blast ever known! and as the two listened intently, the woman told them even more and by the time they’d returned on their journey, both were sure of their desire to witness all of the mysteries she’d told them of; and they both thanked her; and then – as they were walking away from the car they looked back to wave a final goodbye before she’d left but she had already vanished as if she’d disappeared into night.

as they began walking (back to their homes), the sound of her voice was heard even though she was nowhere around: “thank you too and please stay in the light.”

(to be continued)


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