fireflies 3

(and on…)

after second period two girls met outside of bldg 3’s entrance to check in; both had now experienced two newly scheduled classes and were knowledgable of the rest of their schedules for the endurance of the days, both a and b days’ classes; and there were no “well’s”? to ask about nor any other hashings as each accepted with gratitude and everything in awe of what each had miraculously chosen for the other – and both had stacked classes to start earlier on the b days, both days without any module breaks — both schedules allowing for early dismissals: 2 pm and 1:15… and(!) the least interesting classes for both days were in the latter part(s) of the day; if there was a need to leave early, the one(s) at the end could be easily justified – just grudge work classes that could easily be passed by taking tests without doing the rest of the work; the dark-haired girl had Spanish 3rd period, the strawberry-blonde: French; which wasn’t mind-reading: each knew the requirements and copied that class from the other’s schedule…



“how did you know I played chess?”

“huh? I just knew; how’d it go?”

“poorly; something’s wrong when one person wins a game in under 45 minutes.”

“it will get better.”

“maybe it was just a really smart kid and he is setting the stage for an overthrow later on?”

“was your game the only one that was decided?”

“no; everyone finished? hmm?”

“then you will be the queen!”

“don’t wanna be, then it’s no fun.”

“can you plan your moves so that your opponent can’t lose so quickly?”

“yeah, I guess – thanks!”

“we better get to class – see you after.”

“after… let’s find the easiest place to meet today; I know where you’re coming from, and you know my last class, so let’s say…”

“we’re going somewhere after school?”

“sure – ”

“okay – then we’ll both meet where it would be easiest for us to leave here in that direction?”

“okay, see you there.”

and they did meet up in the exact place without telling each other ahead. a friendly game of let’s test this and see how that goes and what if we don’t have to tell each other to know became played between the two – each ended with smiles and quiet giggles for them; then, no longer a game: motion into thought and thought into motion became their normal. after weeks of circling one subject without ever touching it, instead: an unthought of trust – just floating as if there was no reason needed to believe; it was that fun, the one thing without mention now needed to be discussed even though they both knew…

“…did you ever wonder why all of a sudden the world became even brighter after that day? I did.”

“me too; but it was kind of sad after it happened because you never think you’ll meet another; and then there you were smiling back while you were trying to save me from getting smashed. i think i knew then, I guess.”

“oh, I didn’t so much, I just knew you were wonderful and letting everything fall into place took a bit – everyone says this and says that, but nobody knows and you can’t speak about it or they shy away. funny, huh? you’d think it would be comforting.”

“I know, so never will it be misunderstood and no thought of contrived, do you remember the exact date and time they documented everything?”


“me too. let’s both write it down.”

and each did and they handed to the other the exact time and date when it happened… the dark-haired girl had been in a friend’s living room when an explosion happened and she was closest to it (a leaky gas heater) and the blast was so intense she had been thrown across the room and through a window to lay unconscious outside the house late that night, covered in shards and with broken furniture piled on top of her – when the emergency workers freed her from the debris she was still alive, though at 3:04 a.m that night on way to the hospital, they lost her and only as they rolled her into the emergency room did her vital signs return and now there she was in an operating room… both of her shoulders had been disconnected from their sockets, her left collar-bone had cracked and was sticking through her skin and her right hand had been smashed so severely one finger had been severed at its top joint; the doctors worked furiously to reconnect the tissues in her shoulders and tape her collar bone and (later) doctors operated on her finger – she was given [one of the first] a plastic bone replacement for the top bone of that finger and a transplant of veins and tissue and (even) her fingernail was saved and still now grew and without knowledge of, nobody would know the finger had ever been damaged; the strawberry-blonde had been in the backseat of a girlfriend’s mother’s car that was being driven by that girlfriend’s older brother when he lost control and went off the side of the road to land in a gully up in the mountains and the force of the crash caused the strawberry-blonde to be uplifted out of her seat over the others in the front seat and through the windshield… she had hit a tree head-on and had suffered a break to her right collar-bone and a basilar skull fracture, which caused her to go unconscious – as the accident had happened in the mountains, by the time emergency workers had retrieved her and brought her into the emergency room, she died – it was 3:04 a.m on that same late-Septemeber date, she had just been hooked up to heart and brain monitors, and though her heart beat had remained strong (until), the energy field on the brain monitor had sped to a speed so fast it no longer was visible on the monitor… the energy of her brain being monitored had been lost from the visible screen as doctors were watching; immediately after, her heart stopped beating; she was pronounced dead and the emergency room staff began preparing to unhook the monitors to cover her body, but after the heart monitor had been disconnected, the monitor connected to her head via little pads, started to show movement again: at first so fast it was a blur of movement but slowly the movement declined on the screen to a point they were able to take a read on her brainwaves again; and then the staff noticed her heart had begun to beat again – though faint – and she was alive; emergency medical procedures continued and the strawberry-blonde, though in a coma for the next seven days, had survived.

both had died at the exact same time and both had been dead for the same amount of time until both miraculously had come back to life at the same time.

“it was difficult after I went back to school a few weeks after I came out of the coma… like walking through a mirage for the next month and I’d keel over at any given moment without memory of anything around me during those moments; my classes suffered and people talk about things that aren’t so – and well, here I am – I was transferred to this school to continue.”

“same thing: I was the only one sitting in the living room when the heater exploded and by the time I returned to school, the stories were so different from reality, my parents thought it best to move far away so nobody would talk anymore – so here I am.”

(to be continued)


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