fireflies 2

(still running-on):

as the two girls stood up from the floor, an alarm went off inside the cafeteria and all of the students who were then in the building were instructed to exit into the quad; a sensory had picked up an immense light force in error as the reason for the alarm: fire was what was thought; while all of the students waited in the quad for clearance back in, the local fire department did a sweep of the building: it’s electrical, the kitchen, the bathrooms to find where the hazard started; but there was no electrical problem; it wasn’t a fire… while this was going on inside the building, the students waiting in the courtyard were busy talking in groups to each other about the sustained flash of light and how they’d “escaped” with their lives from certain disaster; as the situation calmed, everyone seemed confused that nothing had actually happened; it was an illusion, it was a solar burst that must have happened, it was a prank, it was unknown… as the two girls stood quietly to themselves, listening to the others go on; and then finally, everyone was allowed back in and continued their search for alternate class schedules… [now] as the two girls were walking back in:



“do you know?”

“uh-huh, kind of.”

“me too, that was cool.”

“yeah. i’m Rachel… i forgot to introduce myself earlier.”

“oh, yeah, hi! that’s okay, it’s been fun; hey, you know what we could do?”


“since nobody in there knows who either of us are very well yet, why don’t you go in and rearrange my classes and I’ll do the same for you; sound fun?

“yeah, okay, and we have to promise each other that we’ll keep the classes each of us registers for the other one? no arguments?”



and so the dark-haired girl and the strawberry blonde exchanged paperwork with each their set class schedules along with registration name information on each and began the process of picking out classes for the other; remarkably, this time in, the ordeal now seemed like a game and minus any problems whatsoever, each glided from table to table without any of the previous frustrations and disappointments: every single class each one decided to register for the other was available(!) and now the chore finished up for each in under ten minutes… they both walked out of the cafeteria at the same time; both with smiles… “we’re done!”

it was a half-day schedule that day so the girls decided it would be fun to wait until they were somewhere away from where they then stood, to sit and talk alone while having a coffee to go over their new schedules… they walked to the foothills where there was a restaurant in a small outdoor shopping area; it was about the half-way mark between where each of the two lived – and ordered coffees with cream and a half a melon each – by accident they’d both started to give their own order to the waitress at the same time – the words were identical without pause or prior thought; the waitress looked shocked at first and then apparently decided the two had planned the incident (as teenagers sometimes do) just to see her reaction… the three of them exchanged a gentle smile as she walked away… as they were waiting for their orders, they decided instead of spending the time going through their schedules then, it would be much more fun to hang out without thought of school, and instead keep each other’s new class schedule for the other until the next morning… right before classes started, they would meet and do the exchange;

it was early January and oddly quite a warm day for that time of the year, even for the place they both now lived… as they were finishing their third cup of coffee(s), the waitress came by to give them more, but they both declined…

“hey, you know what?”


“we’re done here, right? so why don’t I show you something really beautiful; it’s past my house up the road further, no more than an hour’s walk from here… there is a beautiful lake and lots of trees and everything smells like pine and eucalyptus and oaks and lots of fields and streams and sometimes there is a horse wandering around that will let you ride him – and from what you’ve told, it might make you feel a little closer to where you just moved from if you get to see it; it’s truly lovely.”

“sounds so.”

“I’ll walk you back to here when we return so you won’t have to walk by yourself very far to get home this evening.”

“okay, let’s go.”

and the two girls spent the rest of the afternoon strolling through fields glistening in greens of every color (they counted 27 specific shades in just one pasture they’d sat in for a long time; spring’s colors were coming back early and all of the golden hills that had been left with last year’s summer – explained the strawberry blonde – were now turning into a beautiful carpet of color because of all of the rains the previous two months; which made winters fun there, as everywhere else it seemed – winters lost color and people always looked hurried and sad) and wading in streams as they talked about everything(!) and the sun was so bright that day; and as they continued telling each other bits and pieces, they began to already know what the other was going to say exactly as if they were talking as one before either had said anything; that they just met didn’t seem to matter, they’d already started communicating partially with just thoughts – no words, and could see it in the other’s eyes, they knew what the other was thinking – being able to say nothing was fun and made them smile — oh, and they did find this one older white horse that the strawberry blonde had become friendly with already and he was happy to have both girls ride him at the same time; in fact, as he was an older horse, the strawberry blonde was concerned and did tell her new friend of her concern for him, and that even though he would run very fast with just herself riding him, with the two of them it might be a bit much so they’d probably need to be patient and just allow him to walk slowly through the hills – which was easily understood and agreed to by the dark-haired girl; but instead, “mr. ed” as was decided they’d call him, took off in a full run with the two girls on his back – (he never had a saddle on him, he was just someone’s pet who was allowed to wander in the hills at his own will it seemed); and after that day, whenever they’d go up to visit with him, he’d be exactly where the girls knew he was waiting for them – and off he’d go with the two riding him all over those hills …all lit up like a very young horse, wild and free)…

the next morning, exactly 15 minutes before the first bell:



“yeah, but fun?”


“here’s your’s.”

“here’s your’s.”

“okay, see ya after 2nd period?”

(oh, and the guy who’d bashed into the dark-haired girl had 5 firetrucks, 3 police cars, and 3 ambulances to choose from to get him to the hospital for the medical care necessary to fix his broken nose. he was fine; talked about it for weeks after – by the end, the story changed: he’d saved the entire student body from harm, so even though he wasn’t going to be able to play baseball that spring, he was still a school hero – and it actually was printed in the school’s yearbook later that year the way he’d changed the story – nothing said about what had actually happened.)

(to be continued)


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