don’t eat them! play with them… come on Lou, i’ll show you; watch this…

he kept eating them though. okay, let me tell you a fairytale about two young girls then: here, sit – i’ll give you a biscuit… it’s a run-on so chew slowly:

once upon a time there were two girls, one was a sophomore, one was technically a freshman but had tested into higher grades’ classes; both arrived at a new school with a totally new crowd of people all around them within days of each other at the beginning of the second semester of that particular school year; both were extremely pretty and were like twin souls in that they were both light at heart, kind, and both perhaps a little out of sync with the then current time – though physically: one was strawberry blonde and one had coal-black hair; (and it turns out, but is kind of boring to write about in any length later so the abridged up front:) neither particularly enjoyed being exclusively within any of the cliques that are prevalent in high school; both seemed to enjoy parts of all of those others (except a few…) but both were hesitant in nature to join a crowd which fortunate for the two of them, they were never teased nor tortured even though they didn’t belong to any of those multiple cliques, and as always repeats history: those cliques go all the way from top to bottom down the food chain during high school… as it was, they were each left alone by those that bullied others and if engaged in conversations with those same others that bullied the [lesser] others or any of the other others, they were lucky, other than an ocassional snotty remark or something by one of the most popular of the others, it wasn’t bad …as they really were prettier than all of the others which neither of them ever even thought about and never realized why that was important anyway – they just enjoyed being happy and nice to as many others as they possibly could; which caused a huge stir among many of the others… but a good stir… turns out: nobody trusted them – which they should have – and only because those others saw themselves instead of who the two girls really were when they looked at them, did the others figure that like themselves, these two girls could be the meanest, most evil things on earth when it suited their needs, or that either of these two new girls would be as they were to each other(s), in a competition for the boys that gave the most popular of the other girls all the attention – for which the others seemed to thrive on; and this too, turned out to be a “good” because neither of the two liked fighting, so this incorrect perception gave them the freedom to be left alone for the most part and when they were approached it was always in a cautious manner and though not very sincere (which was sad), at least polite (you know Lou, kind of like one of those other fairytales from the past I’ve read to you).

it was a hectic day the day they met: the last day of this new semester that students were allowed to make any changes to the classes they were then enrolled in and as each of the two girls were new, they were inherently given crap schedules; i.e. – stuck here and there, anywhere there was room in a class (for that semester); and because of, neither had any classes that they really wanted so they were scrambling from designated table to table, all set up with individual class outlines/times/etc… in the cafeteria that day – attempting to rearrange their pre-determined schedules into something at least partially interesting… when: “boom,” some unknown male student was running past and smashed into the dark-haired beauty, tripping her over and with such great force, the sophomore girl was going to land on the freshman girl, who had just turned around in response to the commotion of the collision that was then taking place, previously behind her – now, as she turned around to see what was happening, the dark-haired girl’s face was flying into her own with this beautiful, undisturbed look in her eyes and instead of horror or irritation, a stunning/warm smile was on her face – which made the strawberry blonde smile back, and she instinctively put her arms up to keep the dark-haired girl from falling – which almost worked! – but the boy who’d originally smashed into the dark-haired girl couldn’t keep his balance and he started falling into the two, toppling them down to the ground, and right before the three went flying to the ground the strawberry-blonde said to the dark-haired girl, “hold on, this is probably going to hurt,” and the dark-haired girl answered, “well, then, here we go!”… and each smiled at the other as they were going to get knocked flat with the boy crashing on top of them – but each(again, the same: thought of the other, time coordination, instinct into action) had the identical physical response, and each quickly moved to protect the other from being hurt severely – the dark-haired girl immediately threw her hands around the strawberry-blonde’s head to protect her from getting a concussion if she were to hit the back of her skull to the cement, while the strawberry blonde arched her back at the same time she moved her arms, allowing her hands to grab the sides of the dark-haired girls shoulders to keep her steady while they both started to fall, and then simultaneously the two realized they’d be stronger as one and it would be easier to move away from this pending catastrophe if they were one, so just when their feet started to lift from the ground as they were falling, they wrapped their legs around each others’ and together they were able to start spinning mid-air and successfully rolled away from underneath the boy who was falling on them – as they were laughing in each others arms, the boy fell flat, facing down (and turns out, broke his nose)… the two girls were still wrapped in each other on the ground – not a disturbed word… both with smiles:

“hi, I’m michelle!”

“hi, I’m new!”

“me too!”

…and they couldn’t get up for a few minutes, not because they were hurt but because they’d caught the giggles and were just suspended in joy and laughter together for those minutes.

(to be continued)


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