scattered words strung into strands under the following sun within light’s palest flicker seemed so bright over copperfield heights but a mine was left sunken while talking of heaven never went very well as almost certain still remains (before it fell complete into hell).

my goal, he sat thinking… those words might become whatever is right after a time as time swells larger again to follow back in my mind: it was a peaceful moon shining over tall yellow fields that glorious night and there were lilacs deep in memory and always; always to my right.

and when from before you remember back to sea as the ostrich flew away and still there is no reason except someone was calling while chaucer recited (by trial of others) verse, a vessel sailed away into reason floating quietly by on the tides of a dime drank five foolish and five wise in a story once told, tipped another glass of wine.

(please, understand!) it was less understood than anyone ever imagined could be possibly planned; always impossible! and after everything else, now, this becomes more and more again to begin building evidence of what forever stays in the night as tight as two armored fists prying open a pauper’s left hand reveals veins too stressed to hang on; left to kneel on the wain dipped in straw up above, he begs for a morsel (let go wandering into whatever comes next, be it alone) to keep him afloat while his other hand clamours inside an incubus hope as an owl perches herself on a branch of an oak the cradle moves onward always to the left of the bough broke.

(it is easier to take them once they’ve lost every memory of when they were strong and once it has happened we will win them again in the ways of this world, no matter how wrong. so let’s wait til that day when the forest is dark and each man below us has less pain in his heart:) trust me, it will again go away when there’s nothing left to remark.

fear not, cried out some politician, to a crowd without reason in a box cut up stand (he held them all close with his diatribe dream they shall never understand). no. they fail to imagine what may become of his sinster plan in an hour of trespass over each broken man! soon after, behind the podium, now set into motion to receive from their loss on bets taken after though never regret was the purchase until it was bought, the mystery of logic was layed forever to rest – it doesn’t get any better than this, was his thought he then conjured after a few moments at best… now, give me my payment (forgetting the rest).

and so it’s been done over and over again (and as we can see, there’s been no futher plan) with each night as stars shine bringing man hope if they’d care to sustain; each one stays asleep forgetting all reasons they no longer keep next to the tree they once climbed now noosed with a rope.

@06/14/2013 by KPW


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