last summer this summer next summer

last summer:

spent a large portion of it traveling throughout many states in this country with a dog… travels with Sigmund… nobody’s ever written anything quite like that i bet. right, Charlie(?) … while sharing stuff already compiled/copied… it’s not complete and out of order, but what do you think? wow! what a story… finish what you’re doing first, then it will come to you. perspective; it’s hard. but it won’t be soon, promise. yeah? yeah. well, thanks, here – you hold onto this copy and i promise i’ll finish it and bring you a copy when done. good. look forward and call if you need any help. i promise. *Note: this is how you get something difficult done. i think so, at least: promise someone else. then, you have to do it; otherwise, they have to do it for you.

enjoying both places I’d never been before, making new friends, and visiting others hadn’t seen for a while. both Dakotas – lovely! never’d been there – will now always be happy to go back!; Iowa – been there before but still beautiful!; Kentucky – been there too – always love going!; Idaho, Nebraska, Wyoming, Montana, Tennessee, the Carolinas, Alabama and lots of others – all over the place… it was quite fun.

it was fun for my dog too. it was Sigmund’s last summer, unfortunately; i’m glad he got to enjoy so much. we swam in stunning lakes and rested by crystal streams, and fell in slushy fields of mud and dung (while chasing cows!); Sigmund enjoyed that part better than i did – he rolled in them – ewe!; and we sat on the top of bluffs and listened to the wind while watching eagles and hawks gliding effortlessly through the sun’s light; and Sigmund and I saw sunsets that were so beautiful – you know, the ones you close your eyes right after they’ve disappeared and promise yourself you will never forget them; and walked through canyons echoing in whispers from an earlier people who’d walked through them before [you]; and timed driving so to be in the middle of nowhere when shooting stars were most visible so you could pull over and we’d watch everything sparkle as they flew across the night skies; and when lodging, we stayed at lovely places where breakfasts were (really!) early… and the people who made those breakfasts, smiled while waving goodbye as we drove off to the next destination – and sometimes felt a tear as leaving cuz they were just really nice (and also because you sat up way too late with them the nights before… just talking, which was fun – but!: you have lots of driving to do “today,” so maybe we should have stayed another day there or slept in and skipped breakfast?)

next summer:

there were plans to do things “this summer,” that now are going to need wait til next… through to the very north of New England and then onto Nova Scotia (never been) and then all the way to Newfoundland (never been)… and then across to Greenland (never been). Sigmund was to go too (this summer) – had hoped. he would have loved that trip. i will always love him, so i guess he’s going with me up there anyway – next summer.

this summer:

too busy getting everything ready for opening to go anywhere planned previous for this summer, but happy; and though a lot of work and confusion and delays, it’s okay – and everyone’s starting to see it materialize and they’re helping and it really is becoming some velvet dream.

and Lou… he’s just about nine months old now – turning into quite the handsome and very strong dog – and becoming heroic and in love with the world. it’s amazing what five/six months can do: previously, a terrified little puppy… so afraid, i had to carry him on walks in the same parks he now has me following him through – and he goes fast! good boy, Lou!

next summer (again):

Lou will be excited on his trip to Greenland… (come on Lou, let’s go find an old friend who i know will have lots of furry friends for you to chase/herd… and Lou will!)


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