the afternoon’s sun

I always come again with light to see as you’ve searched each sunrise east for me

in my hours’ time:  I skim atop mountains high by wide – a brilliant torch [I] will always rise to later settle against gilt purple skies shimmering in my gleaming light – my part’s been here before and is forever clear:  a stream crossing over in light each day as currents ripple silted stones against drowning dreams as floods overflow, I shine down into tranquil ponds… shhhh now – memphis stills these waters when stars appear

as it’s always been, the west is one with nights to come and into dreams my light continues on and by the end as I plan my set over your horizon becomes another’s day once again.

and that is when you look up to squint your other eye into this noon’s passing by before another day becomes another night  – as if there was only this last one to find.

(but – then is heard:)

if I rise tomorrow will you be here again to dance with me?  A question asked to risk belief (only translation of your own god need be) before begins the start of melting twilight into dark.

yes, the sun hears in a whisper back… the afternoon will always be.

thank you, and with the moon soon to rise I wish you peace into another dream filled night.

@01/03/2013 by KPW


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