an average man sleeps – intro.

I believe it is a full-time job to control one’s self; and therefore, anyone attempting the control of another is out of control, themself.  That, I believe, is the never-ending challenge/nightmare on earth.  

At the time, this philosophy was becoming too murky and so…

Jesus was sent to us from God’s Heaven and the nebulae (of which we all came from and will go back into as the energy we are forever – I mean, look at those things!  They are pretty close to identical to the energy fields of our brains…) to show the world a way away from the multitude of gods of pasts/present(s)/into the future…

The arrangements prior to His arrival:  

All of these named gods and demigods with their attendants/courtesans taking places in a hierarchy that they arranged themselves to allow them controls other than the guardians they were intended – and also entry and sometimes abandonment into below, for which (originally) was only intended to aid [Mother] earth to nurture hand in hand with all of the other elements for the continuity of earth:  its seas and its mountains and fire and ice and wind and rain and solitudes and behaviors and gardens and harvests and droughts and diseases… (etc.), and through a kingdom of animals including man (these other controllers) brought to earth other laws never intended allowing to label kings and heroes and shrines and churches and coliseums and priests and priestesses and [that] cast of thousands… all who took control (and fought against each other and intermingled their alliances and made deals with each other and then turned and made deals against each other, all to keep what little control they had over others stat… and slept with beasts and drones and heroes, and, as themselves, there was no real reason for any of this as they all, even though real, became only myths…) and of course:  each other too:  sisters and brothers and mothers, and sons and lovers (great book, too!)  and killed and gave births and killed again – their own flesh and blood even; for every time, in reasons only as attempt(s) to keep their own halcyons of  privilege and liberties alive, things became just a big mess – then [they] spat wretchedly back at each others’ sometimes beautiful and sometimes cruel and cunning incidents [into] further myths:   ordered to be told by those afraid to disobey… to the rest who were afraid not to listen, and this became their realities — and all reality became to take and/or keep control without regard to consequences;  oh and prophets (God, please! I don’t want to be a prophet, some of them whispered, but that was their fate – so they were… and they became the 5th sex).

(to be continued… on this Selectric I found in an old typewriter store – so I ask the guy:  Wow, do you have any Remingtons?  Yep, he answers.  Well, I just might come back then – but what if I do and I buy one and then I’m off on some island somewhere pretending to be Ezra or Ernest or James or Michel – and then it needs service; then what?  I mean, you’re the only one I [now] know who could fix it.  Well, he said, I’d come find you and fix it.  You would?  Yep, he answers (again)…  Okay, then – I’ll be back, I said, as I was walking out the door – then I turned back – he was smiling…  You know, I said, I probably won’t be on an island; I live just a few miles away.  Oh, okay, he said, that might be easier.  Hey, one further question came to me and I asked, Do you have any of those little correction tape thingys?… I’m a crappy typist and a rotten speller.  Yep!  Cool, thank you.)

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