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Peter the Venerable to Jim Morrison, for example:

direct connection? yeah!

Had not Peter gone to Spain for the specific purpose of translation of Islamic writings (including the Quran); and though, his inspiration was to gain/bring further knowledge, it is clear that higher powers in the church allowed the trip/work for not only his, but other reasons (Crusades) too. Regardless of either way it goes from then on, there would never have been the following (gone through really quickly, you’d have to write a complete thesis (yuck!) to get it written otherwise), but…

there would be no inspiration afterwards of the likes of such as Roger Bacon, nor Herman of Carinthia (directly at the time), for which other jobs were offered after Peter’s mission because of his working directly with the translations. Thereafter, and definitely only because of, for hundreds of years bits and pieces of thought continued forward, because of Peter’s journey… a very important recipient (probably, to me, the most important) in the chain was Luther. For which he then translated the bible from the Latin to German… bringing soon, the King James; and he brought singing into church for everyone to share/sing; and the realization to the populace that $$$ didn’t take a soul to heaven, and though not the first, his was the most notable… his marriage; and the printing press (all conjuring reasons away from the then suppressive Roman Catholic to Protestant – none without Peter). And then on the [doors] of All Saints… Luther with his posting (debated or not) brought about the start of reformation. All of these actions (and way so many more!!) brought the world forward (that, again, without Peter’s trip, not so sure how the rest would have followed, and even if was to happen anyway, the timing would have been much delayed…)to the time of Blake and others (really cool stuff now starting, too!), but for all of them that were directly affected because of this chain, it was Blake’s words that were to become what Jim Morrison used to name his band!

and there are other inspirations along the road, but all lead from Peter to Jim.

(these are just notes for writing something else up the road)


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