coffee (part 6)

something something something always finds you before another day
before another transit takes hold too reticent to explain…

you tried… thank you but now everything’s okay? while we spoke they giggled gracious towards his passage in the opposite direction through their right of way. you’re coming up again, to him they said — continuing: we’ve already met in this strangest kind of way today, don’t you wish more time spent with the two of us – it would be so nice to have you stay? that’s how it came they formally introduced each other (I guess it’s all the same). initial introductions for a proper curtained domicile of good intentions on their way. you can get home from here, he said… but I think I’ll stay awhile. he began to settle somewhere warm into the glory of the south. both gazed upon his baby blues as he was eased gently two feet off the ground, and as Georgia lead in song about the land of blushing peaches and sweet dreams, the other with her laughter continued circling around.

I must say, their manners never ceased (I heard:) if you’re up to more than coffee we’ll add one further setting into what’s already place-set for three… come back over if you’d like to, wouldn’t you like to do that please? oh, I think I’m rather tired and the hope to soon retire seems a more certain thought to keep. leaving out their back door across a chipping rail brings a sudden loss of balance that repeats itself always into breathing even more (it was now time to exhale). nice meeting you was called together in pretty voices layered on a satin bed. and my friend? seemed to be enjoying what had started going through his head: I’ll catch up with you later were his mumbled words? (in whisper back: sleep tight was all left to be said.)

(to be continued)

@ 06/08/2011 by KPW


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